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Had a Fabulous Musicale with Natale!

This note is written by Tom Slavcek, GMG Board Member:

The usual weather report from your commentator today: Cloudy with a slight chance of showers with a projected high of 69...comfortable enough to have a "cuppa" out on the back porch.

We had a smaller group than usual due to heavy schedules from several members. We missed them all. Today's "theme" was "Compose Yourself! The Freedom to Create" presented by Natale Farrell. Natale is a self taught pianist, piano teacher for 35 years, and amateur composer. She shared her experiences on how she, unexpectedly, started composing.

Utako started us on today's "menu" (her word) by introducing Natale to us. But first we started off with Paul Cossman playing the Chopin Nocturne, Op 72, No. 1. A difficult piece, to be sure, one fraught with difficulties, finger stretches and cadenzas. This Nocturnes has been described as Chopin's most beautiful one, if not the most beautiful nocturne ever written by anyone. Paul brought us a nice "study in progress" rendition. One could discern the necessary dynamics of the piece coming out and imagine what his future accomplished piece would sound like. He is well on his way to mastering the technical demands. Well done, Paul!

Natale's friend Deb Johnson, flautist started just 7 years ago, she and Natale teamed up to play "Siciliana" by Handel. A mellow and somewhat somber sounding piece at first, followed by a slow "gallop" type tune. Well performed by both Deb and Natale!

Next, Carol and Ruth played some of Natale's own pieces. Carol chose "Dragon Heart" as her piece. A nice lyrical composition that has a medieval sound to it. Her children students love this piece. Ruth chose "Avalon", a nicely 'moderato' paced piece. This one, also, sounds a bit medieval and King-Arthur-esque in sound. Nicely done by Carol and Ruth!

Next we Were treated to Natale's powerpoint presentation about her educational background and world-wide travels. Her compositions are in various styles and her teaching method is one which she developed herself. Of the nearly 60 students that she regularly teaches about a hand-full are adults. She brought us a wonderful and inspiring presentation on some composition basics and challenged each of us to compose a piece "the next time we see her". Her creativity is truly marvelous. Natale finished by teaming up again with Deb on the flute to play another of her compositions followed by a couple of her own for piano solo.

Fantastic musicale!

Tom Slavicek

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