Fran, you are a Delight! - Musicale 7/23

GMG is the only platform for me to sing solo and your encouragement and support make my journey very easy. I appreciate and cherish this opportunity very much. - Fuling

She looked wonderful and you could tell she was totally enjoying the meeting. She has such a broad and wonderful following of music lovers and singers.  She is at her best surrounded by wonderful musicians and opera. - Virginia

This was one of the very best gatherings EVER!

Fran, you are a delight.

And it was such a special pleasure to hear Fuling and Maggie. -Gail

Agreed!  I'd love to hear more of Fran's recollections!  I'm trying to look at the Met's archives right now actually, trying to figure out just what productions I did see here in Atlanta, somewhere between 1979 and 1986.  I KNOW I saw Pavarotti in Elixer of Love - even though the archives say he did that in other years.  I met him that night, we had a funny (PG) encounter  , I'd like to see who else I was introduced to backstage BY P. HIMSELF - he took me around backstage to show off the T-shirt I had made the Civic center.  P. also sang in another opera that week, can't remember which. The other opera I was recalling was  Billy Budd, but I also have seen Peter Grimes ...not in the same year, over a period of years. -Carol

Narrative by Asa Williamns

Today’s Virtual Musicale had a nice attendance of 17 people including four of Fran's students.

Maggie Frick lead off by playing the Variations Serieuses by Mendelssohn. It is a difficult

work and she played very well.

Fuling Chiang then sang 2 pieces. The first by Umberto Giordano: Amor ti vieta from Fedora.

The second was Solo Mio, which Fuling sang in Chinese. He said this was a popular song in


At this time, we continued an interview with Fancesca (“Fran”) Richards as part of her 90 th

birthday celegration. Utako showed a nice power slide 90 th Birthday tribute to Fancesca,

which included some of her singing from her younger years. We then heard from nice tributes

from some of her current and former students who joined today’s virtual musicale. Finally, Finally, Francesca gave us nice memory moments of her teaching career.

In conclusion to the musicale, Utako Tanigawa played an excerpt from Chopin’s Fantasie Impromtu, Op. 66.


Asa J Williams

Message from Fran-

Dear Utako, Our musicale was lovely. Thank you for all your work. I so enjoyed seeing Michael and Vicky. They are wonderful young people with many interests and very engaged in making better world. So prund of them. It just was a delightful hour!

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