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Forthcoming Move

Hi everyone. I want to let everyone know that my wife and I are going to move to a new house in June. We were able to sell her house. My current house has an interested buyer who is trying get financing in place. Meanwhile we found a home in Buford, GA that is better suited for aging people well into their 80s or later. The master bedroom and the second bedroom are on the main floor. We close 5/29/20 and start the moving process thereafter. Because of all this craziness, I have not been able to practice much at all. This endeavor has been a lot of work! And there is more to come with another move to the new house. The good news about the new house is that there is a large living area suitable to put a piano in and host a future GMG luncheon musicale.

Be safe!


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Judy Manganiello
Judy Manganiello
14 mag 2020

Hi Asa & Marjory, good luck to you with your move. Lots of work, but it will be ok, and your new home sounds wonderful. Thanks for the update!


Mi piace

Dear Asa and Marjory, Thanks for your updates! Your lives were changed drastically to the wonderful directions, weren't they! We are looking forward to your hosting a musicale at your new home!! Take care, Utako

Mi piace
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