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First Musicale of the Fall Season!

On-Line Musicale - 11:00am

September 23, 2021

Another wonderful on-line recital was held today, the day after the first day of fall - beautiful cool day. Prior to the recital we caught up on news about each other and looked forward to our in-person Musicales at Pianoworks coming up soon. Nine performers joined in today.

We started out with Tim Anderson's rendition of Beethoven's Sonata Op 2, No. 3, first movement. The sonata was dedicated to Haydn, and was also featured in a Charlie Brown cartoon. Tim heard this piece played by Charlie Brown as a kid and was inspired to learn it. Tim brought out a thoughtful rendition, well articulated with good dynamics and clarity.

Next came Natalie with her rendition of Gershwin's Prelude No. 1. It's a lively piece full of "tricky bits" of tempo changes and dynamics. Natalie's well on her way to mastering this piece...'till next time!

Sam and Laurie followed with Robert Muczynski "Time Pieces for Clarinet & Piano", a 20th century composer who eventually became a professor. He primarily composed for winds and a few piano pieces. "Time Pieces" is a calm and reflective piece with some quirkiness added in certain sections. Sam and Laurie's duo performance was very satisfying.

We next heard Ed Ewing and "The Little Engine That Could". This is based on a children's story about a toy train full of toys. Ed composed the music a long time ago and, for this rendition, he added an original painting as a backdrop. A lively piece full of joy and bounce, makes one want to dance - especially children.

Next we heard Utako's performance of Frederic Chopin "Nocturne Op. 27 No.2", which is considered to be his most beautiful Nocturne, and probably the most beautiful of any nocturne by any composer. Utako continues to record this piece and we never really tire of listening to it, it's so gorgeous. She captured the emotions beautifully and its technical challenges were met perfectly.

Then Utako followed with Franz Schubert- Franz Liszt "Sonata in A major D.664 3rd movement". This is Utako's latest recording of this piece with each recording getting better and better. Great clarity, dynamics, elegance, and legato throughout - wonderful touch. Again, Utako gets better and better with each successive recording.

Judy played next: Frederico Mompou's "Cancion Y Danza no.5". and Franz Schubert- Franz Liszt "Eulogy of Tears" (Lob der Thranen). Judy performed both pieces at Washington International Piano Arts Council's competition (George Washington University) about a month ago, advancing to the second round. Judy brought out the reflective mood of Monpou's Cancion, with good timing and tempo. A portion of the Cancion was reminiscent of a peasant dance, nicely rendered. Her Eulogy, by Schubert/Liszt, was wonderfully expressive, nostalgic in character. When listening to this piece one could discern a "more pleasant past" that has been overshadowed by a "present sadness" but that has a "hopeful future".

Ending our Musicale we reviewed each other's latest pieces that we're studying.

Tom Slavicek

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Gail Ravin Starr
Gail Ravin Starr
Sep 24, 2021

I wish I could have attended. Everyone is getting better and better! (And y'all were awesome to start with!)

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