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A Remembrance of Liesl by Judy Manganiello

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

The last time I saw Liesl, on February 2, she smiled a lot, asked questions about what music I was currently playing, and gave repeated "thumbs up" signs -- her way of saying "Yes!" She was cheerful, engaged, and interested in the goings-on in the world.

   All of this, despite her being wheelchair-bound, unable to speak, eat or walk. Yet her grace and her warmth were as present as her "thumbs up." Her spirit was bright and welcoming.

   That's how I remember Liesl -- cheerful, graceful, warm, soft-spoken. Even her piano playing reflected this spirit: she played a bit more slowly than probably most others would play a piece, but it was beautifully unhurried, totally Liesl.

   We who were lucky enough to be friends with Liesl can keep her memory with us through music, and through her generosity. The grand piano in the music salon at Callanwolde was Liesl's piano, and then she donated it to that venue. Our own GMG has benefited from her generous monetary gifts.

   So, thank you, Liesl. We appreciate you, we love you, we are so thankful for your friendship and your humble grace and beauty. Thank you for coming into our lives.



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Abbie Hattauer
Abbie Hattauer
05 Μαΐ 2020

Thank you, Judy, for your beautiful remembrance of Liesl. You captured her unique, gracious spirit and personality perfectly!. What a blessing to have known her and to remember her wonderful qualities.

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