Dr. Utako Tanigawa

Founder & President 

Utako Tanigawa, a native of Japan, started playing the piano at the age of three; however she gave up playing when she was thirteen years old. In Japan, she owned a private school for high school and junior college students, and a French Japanese cuisine restaurant.

She later came to the U.S. and earned the degrees in Mathematics, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Management Science and Engineering, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science/Information Systems.

About six years ago, her life had a dramatic turn due to a life threatening illness. Although it severely damaged her body, her love of music returned and provided a tangible lifeline.  Today music continues to play a key soothing and healing role as her recovery continues.

For the last five years, she has been a contestant at several international amateur competitions such as Van Cliburn Outstanding Amateur Pianist Competition, Chopin International Competition in Warsaw, Poland, St. Petersburg in Russia, Seattle International Piano Competition, Dulwich Piano Festival in London and Washington DC International Piano Arts Council.  She is honored to be selected as a finalist as well as a best performer award in the several competitions. 

Currently she is taking leadership roles in Atlanta Symphony Association, and several other organizations, while she still works as an advisor of a leading technology leadership and strategy council.  She is a founder of Georgia Musicale Group which mission is to increase classical music appreciation through listening and performing opportunities.  The only requirement to be a member is to love music.  

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