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Virtual Musicale July 31, 2020

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Friday, July 31st's Virtual Masterclass with Dr. Joe Chapman was postponed at the last minute due to an emergency. We held a Virtual Musicale instead.

The program was as follows:

Anna Armstrong performed the Schubert Impromptu Op.90 No.3; Anna commented that the challenge in this piece is keeping the accompaniment soft while bringing out the melody.

Maggie continued with more pages of her Chopin Ballade No.4; Maggie said that she had just had a piano lesson with her teacher, who advised her of a relaxation technique of moving her torso in conjunction with her arms in order to reduce tightness.

Julie Woodall performed the Mendelsshon Op. 14 Rondo Capriccioso; Utako commented for Julie, mentioning that Mendelssohn was one of 4 major composers who who all were born at about the same time - Mendelssohn, Schumann, Chopin and Liszt.

Arlene Martinedes played the 1st movement of  Mozart's Sonata  K. 332, which was published in 1784.

Utako performed Beethoven Op. 31 No.3 2nd movement; she commented that this is the third and last of his Op. 31 piano sonatas, which also include "The Tempest". The sonata was given the nickname The Hunt by a third party due to one of its themes being reminiscent of a horn call.  It is a 4 movement sonata, with a Scherzo for the 2nd movement.

Tom Slavicek commented that he has been reading a biography of Beethoven, and found an interesting fact about some discrepancies in how Beethoven's name appeared in some publications, sometimes appearing as Ludwig van Beethoven, and sometimes Ludwig von Beethoven. The "von" would indicate being from a royal family, and therefore could illicit greater recognition and profit.

Utako played a video that Jimmy Baskerville has done for the group that can be used to promote interest in GMG.

After the music performances, we discussed our favorite composers and/or favorite composition. Largely, members said that they favored whoever they currently were working on, although Chopin was mentioned more than a few times.  Rob Busey recalled a story record called Sparky's Magic Piano, where he heard Chopin's Polonaise in Ab. Ever since hearing it that first time, it has been his all time favorite piece. Then there was some discussion about the pianist/composer Julian Fontana, who lived in Chopin's shadow, and sadly, never received the assistance of Chopin to gain public favor.

Next weeks' Virtual Musicale will be Thursday, Aug.6 from 11 am to 12 pm.   We will discuss favorite compositions.

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