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At tomorrow's virtual Musicale 5/7/2020, I will be giving a demo on uploading your video for the virtual recital to your own Youtube channel. I'm not able to cover the process about setting up your own channel at this time, but I will follow up here shortly with that step-by-step process as well. I also have prepared a really long guide to different ways to record, using your smart device, audio recorders, a bit of video editing concepts, microphone recommendations- I still need to do a little work on it before sharing. But for now....

This is the process step-by step for uploading a video to Youtube

  1. Open Youtube

  2. Select in upper RH corner your icon for your account

  3. Select "Your Channel"

  4. In upper RH corner select the video camera

  5. Select Upload Video

  6. Drag and drop your video file or select "SELECT FILES"  to access directory selection

  7. A window will open showing the progress of your video uploading

  8. While it is uploading you can write a description

  9. When it has uploaded and processed you can select a thumbnail

  10. Select "NEXT"

  11. Select "No, it's not for kids"

  12. Select "NEXT"

  13. Skip the next window, select "NEXT"

  14.  for the Visibility selection, select at least Public or Unlisted


  16. Select "SAVE"

  17. Now your video is published - select email to send yourself a link, also select the windows by the Video link to copy the link

  18. select "CLOSE"

CONGRATULATIONS!! You're now published!!!!

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