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November 2020 Online Recital

Our online recital for November is now ready for listening. Everything from Halloween music to Beethoven to Brahms -with an original composition and plenty of Scarlatti.

Listen and leave comments here:

And the December version is now open for submissions. Holiday music anyone?


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Sam, Thank you so much for organizing and publishing the GMG Online Recital every month!!


Your comment will be appreciated. You can write on the Online Recital page or YouTube page.


All the performers did fantastic jobs! Brahms Hungarian Dance by Laurie (clarinet) and Sam, Mozart Sonata K.333 by Georgina, 2 Scarlatti sonatas by Kimber and Ruth, , Beethoven Moonlight Sonata and Chopin Etude by Utako, 2 Mexican (like) pieces by Ed (composer), and Nico, Halloween music by Carol with costume!

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