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March Online Recital - Watch Now!

Our online recital on March 11 proved to be both entertaining and interesting. Over a dozen attendees listened and watched 15 entries from 10 performers hailing from Georgia, Texas, New Mexico, and Oregon. The program ran the gamut, from Bach to contemporary composers, including one of our very own members. Please see the program below as well as the YouTube link for your enjoyment.

Playlist link:



Kristi Helfen and Pam Martin

Jeff Manookian

Summer Solstice (Rustic Dance, Summer's Night, Celebration) from Scenes of the Seasons


Pamela Martin

J.S. Bach

Sinfonias in d min., D maj., g min., G maj.


Ed Ewing

Ed Ewing

Back in the Groove


Sam Smith

Edvard Grieg

Lyric Piece op 12-1


Carol Waslaveck

Martin Peerson

The Primerose


Michael Brounoff

Franz Schubert

Sonata in A-minor, D 845, iii. Scherzo allegro vivace


Judy Darst

Franz Schubert

Scherzo no.1, B flat


Judy Darst

JS Bach

Prelude C#, WTC, Bk.1


Judy Darst

Frederyck Chopin

Waltz Op.70 no.3


Georgina Levery

Ludwig Van Beethoven

Sonata op 10 no1


Utako Tanigawa

Frederyck Chopin

Polonaise Op 26 No. 1


Utako Tanigawa

Ignas Jan Paderewski

Sarabande Op. 14 No.2


Utako Tanigawa

Frederyck Chopin

Mazurka Op 33 No. 1


Utako Tanigawa

Frederyck Chopin

Mazurka Op 68 No. 2


Nico Brett

Edward Gregson

Tuba Concerto

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