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Learn along with Nico

To try to build traffic and subscribers to his YouTube Channel, Nico is going to invite viewers to take the journey with him to see how much progress he can make on a solo piano piece in one month. He’s going to post a video of himself playing it every day, explain what he’s working on and invite the people who watch to make suggestions on how to improve. He’s excited about it. The piece he’s going to use is The Girl with the Flaxen Hair. He read the score for the first time today and he’s starting tomorrow, July 1st. If you want to take the journey with him, he'll probably be posting in the afternoons. His channel is If you know of any budding teachers, it might be fun to let them know. Or perhaps you might want to challenge a student to learn along with him.

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Kelly Brett
Kelly Brett
Jul 02, 2020

Carol, try accessing it again. I was just able to listen after accessing through an incognito window (so it wouldn't recognize who I am) and I was able to listen. I think you may have tried while it was still processing, It's 45 minutes so it took awhile to upload and process. Thanks for your interest, he'll appreciate it.


Kelly - Nico's daily progress is set to private, I couldn't listen.

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