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Chuifun leaves everyone wanting more!

Seventeen members and a guest from China enjoyed our virtual musicale on October 16. Natale Farrell played Liszt’s devilishly difficult Mephisto Waltz while appropriately attired in a red dress. The highlight of the evening was Chuifun Poon’s presentation of The Art of Being a Collaborative Pianist. An excellent pianist and professional accompanist for more than 25 years, Chuifun shared some of her wealth of knowledge with everyone, including the benefits and advantages of working collaboratively and how to prepare to do so. Comments ranged from superb to mesmerizing, and her knowledge is immense. Chuifun is charming and approachable – she definitely left everyone wanting more; therefore, talks are already in the works to bring her back for a second session!

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Here are some comments from the participants:

I thought it was superb! The presenter was extremely experienced, knowledgeable, and articulate. Her graphics were entertaining, her piano examples made her points, her explanations were crystal clear. She had so much to offer. There was something for everyone.

I thought Chufun was very knowledgeable and willing to give us all the knowledge she could. I have learned a lot from her and am looking forward to another session from her where she will have time to play more examples and take questions.

An afternoon time would be better for me too, but I think a lot of our members teach in the afternoon. Maybe a questionnaire for the people who participate…

Me gusta
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