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August 31st, Music Marathon Concert Details:


Edited: Jul 29

Location changed to PianoWorks

Date/Time: Saturday, August 31st from 12 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Session I: GMG Concert (Eastern Europe Composers)

Session II: Short concert and Discussion by Dr. Rivkin's

Session III: Master Class (4 or 5 participants)


Please apply through Concert Application Form for the Session I Concert

Please send an email if you want to take a master class (1 spot left)

Please post any questions here.


In the list below, If you do not play on 8/31, please send an email to Otherwise, your name will be in the program.

January Pam Martin

February. Anna & Janet (4 hands)

March Asa

April Judy

May Pam Asberry and Kristi (4 hands or 2 pianos)

June Abbie(solo), Chen(flute solo)

July Yi-fan

August Asa

September. Yi-fan

October Monique

November. Asa

December. Kimber

May 31

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  • I'll attach the program here soon. Please communicate by using this page. If you have a questions, please send me an email. Due to the time limit, we will not have a talking time. Instead, please send your music notes to Please provide your refreshment contribution here. Thanks
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