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2020 Concert Performer Guidelines: 

GMG is gratified by the increased interest in our organization and we welcome all of our new members and performers.  We continue to streamline and improve our application process for the benefit of all. Please review our new performer guidelines below.

  • Gold Patrons and above are entitled to submit applications unlimitedly and have priority seats. 

  • Please click "Benefits" button for more details.

  • All Concert performers must perform their Concert selection at least once at a GMG Musicale prior to the Concert.  

  • Pieces should be fairly well polished for Concerts since the public is invited.  

  • Priority of performance time per Concert will be allotted based on Patron level, GMG volunteer activities, and requested time spans for performance. 

  • Performers must complete any sound checks (other than tuning) by 15 minutes before the start of the concert or the time the first audience members arrive, whichever comes first. 

  • GMG asks every Concert performer to provide a headshot photo and a brief (<100 words) biography for use in printed programs.  

  • Carnegie and Spivey Concert have more requirements and have different forms.

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